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Trabocco a Pescara, on the Adriatic

Lago di Barrea

The Campanile


  rom the western slopes in the heart of the Apennines to the eastern shoreline of the Adriatic, Abruzzo covers the widest range of terrain of any province in Italy. The mountainous regions are an ideal habitat for it's most famous export: the black truffle.


allo, my home town, which is in the province of Chiete


bruzzo lies in the central eastern part of Italy, stretching from the Appenines in the west to the Adriatic in the east.


Black truffles from the 'Truffle Zone' in Abruzzo

Saffron, from the highlands  of central Abruzzo



      ur lasagnas and pastas are made in-house using the finest durum (semolina) flour and eggs. Each shape is designed to go with whatever fresh produce is available in the local markets that week.


  he goal is to create the right relationship between the  texture and feel of the pasta, the flavors and textures of the main ingredients, whether meat or vegetable, and the sauce.



Preparing red and green peppers for a sauté

Hand cutting pappardelle

Preparing crayfish for a soup stock

Massimo and Gianfranco curing salmon fillets for  gravlax


Making the day's noodles

Curriculum Vitae


Grandfather        Villa d'Este, Lago de Como - Chef

Father                     Grand Hotel de la Ville, Rome - Chef



1969-1970       Florence, Italy

   Hotel Excelsior - Training


1970-1971       Bonn, Germany

   Ristorante Grand'Italia - Rotation through the entire kitchen

   Ruland am Markt - Training


1971-1972        Dusseldorf, Germany

   Hotel Breidenbacher Hof      Grille and restaurant, front and back.

       Learn cuisine, culture, language


1973-1974        Geneva, Switzerland

  Hotel Restaurant du Parc des Eaux Vives - Chef


1975-1976        Montreal, Canada

   Complexe DesJardins - Chef


1977-1979        Toronto, Canada


1979-1980       Rome, Italy

   Il Giardinaccio - Chef


1980-1981       Florence. Italy

   Grand Hotel Villa Cora - Maître d'Hotel


1982-1983       Caribbean, South America, Alaska, Pacific Coastline

   Sitmar Cruise lines - Chef


1983-1985        San Francisco, CA

   North Beach Restaurant - Maître d'/Sommelier


1985-2004       San Francisco, CA

   Massimo's Catering - Owner/Chef


2004-2012       San Francisco, CA

   L'Ortolano Fine Foods - International retail

   Massimo's Organic Fine Foods- National retail


2012-Present    San Francisco, CA

   Marcella's Lasagneria - Owner/Chef

World Class cuisine means exactly that; the skill at creating great food comes from the exacting attention to detail that world class restaurants demand.

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