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Lasagnas       $16.75

Six layers of ultra-thin pasta with béchamel,

tomato sauce, parmigiano,, mozzarella and one of the fillings below.     A baby greens salad is  included


Sicilian Eggplant

Our own hand made Italian sausage with a spicy red sauce

Fresh roasted eggplant, seasoned with fresh and dried herbs in a spicy red sauce



Made fresh, daily on premise.

Fettuccine con ragú     $16.50

Fresh pasta in a red wine, Angus beef and porcini tomato sauce topped with Parmigiano reggiano

Penne Puttanesca        $16.50

Penne 'al dente' tossed with a spicy

tomato sauce with garlic, black olives and capers

Spaghetti Carbonara     $16.50

House favorites

Ravioli alla Romana    $16.50

Our hand made raviolis filled with  mild cheese and spinach in a light tomato basil sauce and a touch of cream

Ravioli al Tartufo     $17.50

Hand made raviolis filled with a blend of cheese and mushrooms in a black truffle sauce and a light sprinkle of grated black truffle

Ground Angus sirloin in a savory red tomato sauce


Crimini and Portobello mushrooms sautéed with fresh garlic and herbs in a mild red wine tomato sauce



Roasted butternut squash in a mildly sweet tomato sauce

Home made pesto, roasted zucchini and sun dried tomatoes


Pancetta, onions, béchamel and parmigiano reggiano


Antipasto Autentico   $17.00

Prosciutto di Parma, Salame al Barolo spicy Calabrese sausage, mozzarella Caprese, salame al tartufo nero, imported pecorino di Crotone  Crostini al tartufo nero seasonal Italian Olives and peperoncini

Panini          $16.50

Sliced ciabatta, brushed with olive oil and grilled.

Comes with a fresh baby greens salad

The Massimo

Thin sliced Prosciutto di Parma,

mozarella di bufala, arugula with our  house made truffle aiolo

Local champignon mushrooms, smoked pancetta and a touch of cream, with a fine grate of parmigiano

Spaghetti alle Vongole  $16.50


Fresh, local produce and the finest imported Italian mozzarellas, buratta, and regional cheeses.


Mediterraneo             $16.50

Grilled chicken breast, feta cheese calamata olives, fresh tomatoes, thin

sliced red onions with a delicate balsamic vinaigrette

Caprese                  $16.50

Fresh imported mozzarella di bufala,

sliced tomatoes and fresh basil over

a bed of greens tossed with EVOO, a pinch of oregano, sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Caesar + grilled chicken $16.50

Hearts of romaine, sliced grilled chicken with our house dressing

(no anchovies), home made croutons and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano

Just Caesar(no chicken)     $12.50


Insalata fresca           $6.00

Mixed seasonal local greens with a choice of dressings.

Rigatoni con pollo     $16.50

Fresh made rigatoni sautéed  with slices of chicken breast in a light chardonnay sauce made with cremini mushrooms, minced red pepper, a touch of cream and Parmigiano Reggiano

Tortelloni giganti con ripieno di costine di manzo    $16.50

Fresh made rigatoni sautéed  with slices of chicken breast in a light chardonnay sauce made with cremini mushrooms, minced red pepper, a touch of cream and Parmigiano Reggiano


Beers                    $6.00

Anchor Steam Amber


Peroni Nastro Azzuro


Sparkling waters         $4.50

San Pellegrino  16 oz

Aqua Panna  16 oz.

San Pellegrino Essenze   $4.50

Lemon, Lemon zest, Pomegranate

Dark Morello Cherry

Dolci and Café

Fresh biscotti          $3.00

The Tuscan

Sliced grilled chicken breast, mozzarella di bufala,fresh arugula and a pesto aioli

Zuppa del Giorno

Made fresh, every day   $6.00

Espresso (single)          $3.50

Latté/Cappuccino           $4.50

Espresso fatto al tavola

Medium roast Lavazza coffee pressed  through a Bialetti Moka.

   Small  (serves 2)          $ 7.00

   Large  (serves 4)          $12.00


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